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Are you looking for a professional and affordable metal roofing company/contractor in Orlando, FL? Our team of highly skilled and experienced roofers are expert at metal roofing for residential as well as commercial properties. Metal Roofing Orlando is the trusted choice of real estate agents, landlords and residents of Orlando Florida. We offer high-quality metal roof installation, repair and replacement services at affordable price. Call (407) 917-2292 for a free estimate!

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Top-Rated Metal Roofing Company in Orlando, FL

Metal roofing is an excellent choice for a lot of homes and businesses alike. For those who are looking for installation, repair, or replacement of a metal roof in their property, you can call us today. We aspire to exceed our customers’ expectations all the time while ensuring your roof gets the proper care it needs.

Metal Roof Repair

We offer metal roof repair services for any homeowner around Orlando, Florida. Once you realize that there is a dent or damage on your roofing material from things like tropical force winds, hail, debris, or any other reason, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We guarantee to provide the repair it requires.

Our roofers are qualified and experienced in installing and repairing all types of roofs. We deliver high-quality metal roofing services at affordable prices and commit ourselves to deliver excellent customer service to all of our customers. What’s more, our experts will also carry out roof inspections to ward off more significant problems. Contact us today to schedule yours.

Installing Metal Roofs

When picking the most suitable roofing material and the appropriate roofing system for your property, one of the ideal options and a preferred choice for a majority of homeowners is metal roofs. On the market today, one of the most durable metal roofs is the standing seam metal roofs.

Generally, we install vertical, interlocking panels, which provide a distinct look to all sorts of properties, whether residential or commercial. Although they are very secure, there are no visible fasteners due to the way the panels cover the seams.

Typically, these roofs can withstand strong winds of up to 120 MPH and above, and usually have lifespans of up to 50 years and above. There are numerous advantages to installing a new metal roof. For those who are considering to make the switch, we ask you to contact our office and discuss your interests with one of our insured, bonded, and licensed roofers.

New Metal Roofing

Generally speaking, new metal roofing can bring a truly appealing look at all types of properties. Regardless if you’re looking for a mid-century throwback, a modern feel, or an industrial look, our metal roofs can do it all. For those who are considering replacement of their shingle roof, one of our roofers can discuss your options with you, and even educate you on the advantages of having a new metal roof. Since there are lots of options that you’ll have to choose from, regarding colors and finishes, we can help in putting the finishing touches on your home.

Besides, with Orlando’s relentless sun, you’ll be glad to learn that a new metal roof may significantly reduce you’re A/C costs. Some finishes and colors add to the metal’s reflectivity and don’t allow in as much heat compared to other kinds of roofing materials. Several homeowners have reported saving a lot on their energy bills, and this should be a welcome benefit to all homeowners in Orlando, FL.

Reasons to Consider Metal Roofing

For those Orlando business owners and homeowners that are looking to re-roof their business or home, metal roofing is the most viable and cost-effective option. When it comes to metal roofing in Orlando, numerous benefits come with it. Below are some reasons to consider metal roofing in Orlando, FL:

  • Durable, especially during harsh weather
  • Energy efficient
  • Low cost in maintenance

What’s more, this roofing type can provide enhanced protection for your property against harsh elements, such as hail, ice, wind, and even fire. By choosing a metal roof, you’ll be in a better position since these types of roofs often last longer compared to tile and asphalt roofs. They require less maintenance, as well. They’re also more durable since they’re made of metal. If you’re around Orlando, FL, and considering metal roofing, you should probably go for this.

Metal Roofing Options

There are several types of options for metal roofing that you can consider:

  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Steel
  • Aluminum

All of these roof types have their list of pros and cons. As aforementioned, one of their most significant advantages is the lifespan they usually have. If making an informed decision is something you want, you should also think about the time you will be staying in your home. In case you are looking to make your house a “life home,” Metal Roofing Orlando can help you with this.

If you’re planning for a new roof for your property, metal roofing provides competitive warranties and is a cost-effective and straightforward solution to your specific needs. In other words, metal roofing is an ideal way to go when it comes to a competitive residential roofing market filled with a variety of options. Our team will make sure to guide you all through.

The Pros

When you combine all the following advantages and the best metal roofing installers, there is no way you could go wrong. Below are some of the reasons you ought to consider metal roofing for your house:

Affordable: In comparison to asphalt shingles, they’re a bit costly. However, they’re still less expensive compared to lots of other residential roofing systems. What’s more, if you factor in all the other benefits, including energy savings that come with that quality metal roofing, you’ll realize that it pays off significantly.

Energy-efficient: One of the major benefits of metal roofs is that they’re very energy-efficient. This is the main reason why homeowners themselves, as well as a majority of roofing experts, highly recommend them. Typically, they reflect heat and assist in maintaining optimal indoor temperatures; therefore, reducing cooling costs and energy waste in your household.

Low-maintenance costs: Low-maintenance costs are another aspect that plays a huge role in the affordability of these metal roofing systems, as opposed to a few other roofing systems and materials.

Long service life: For metal roofing, it’s usually 40-70 years and 12-20 years for asphalt roofing. In the market today, as aforementioned, metal roofs have a relatively longer lifespan in comparison to other roofing systems and materials. Therefore, you’ll have a roof that can last you a lifetime.

Durable: Metal roofs are designed uniquely to withstand all sorts of harsh weather, and you can rest assured that they’ll stand firm against ice, rain, high winds, hail, or any other form of a storm that hits your region. Additionally, they’re fire-resistant, hence offering you well-rounded protection.

Safe: Since these metal roofs are fire-resistant, safety shouldn’t be much of a concern.

Lighter in weight compared to asphalt shingles.

– You can install them on a minimal pitched roof

– They’re resistant to insects, rot, and mildew.

The most significant benefit of metal roofing is the opportunity you have to get a design that will suit your particular home construction beautifully. Unique designs, such as tiles, fail to give the metal roofing appearance. There are a few colors available; therefore, it’s easy to match your home’s color.

The Cons

Just like any investment, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons of any project of this size. Some of the cons include:

Cost: Although metal roofing is a bit expensive compared to other materials, its long-term durability makes it a worthwhile investment.

Noise: Sometimes during a rainstorm, there might be a tapping sound coming from your metal roof. In Orlando, FL, however, this is often not a big deal. If you think this may be an issue, you can make use of sound-deadening insulation and structural barriers. Our roofers can provide you with information about this possibility.

Expansion/ Contraction: As you might know, the metal usually expands and contracts. The metal can bring about a wavy effect if you fail to have a proper installation with fastening systems in place to accommodate this movement. You can always confirm this with your assigned Orlando roofer.

Denting: Copper and aluminum metal roofing might dent when hit by a hard object since they’re softer than steel. Certain types do not dent; therefore, you should confirm this as well when discussing the metal roofing type you should purchase.

Metal Roofing Orlando for High-Quality Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Orlando is an insured, licensed, qualified, and certified contractor for metal roofing. Your type of roof requires the attention of qualified roofing experts since metal roof installation is essentially a specific field of expertise. We understand that not all roofers in the Orlando area are certified and experienced enough to carry out the installations, but we are!

We have lots of completed projects and have acquired the relevant experience dealing with metal roofs. Metal Roofing Orlando will provide you with the right solution while following the highest industry standards.

We believe in open and transparent communication. If you have any questions concerning metal roofs, therefore, we are here to answer every single one of them so that you can have some peace of mind. At Metal Roofing Orlando, we install all sorts of metal roofs, such as metal roofing panels, metal shingle roofs, and standing seam metal roofs. Regardless of the type of roof you have in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us!